Gary E. Matthias is a 21 year military veteran of the United States Army and Army Reserve.  He also served 13 years with  Maryland State Police in various specialized units and task forces. This military and law enforcement experience has provided Gary with the expertise and knowledge to manage and train security officers with excellence, resulting in highly competent and qualified officers.


Gary E. Matthias founded Eagle Eye Investigation and Security Services (EEISS) in 2010 and has been serving the metropolitan area of Maryland, DC and Virginia. EEISS' Team is comprised of men and women with backgrounds in law enforcement (federal, state and local), the U.S. military and corporate security. EEISS is devoted to the preservation of peace, protection of life and property, and the prevention of crime.


Mr. Matthias  has trained Campus Police from Galludet University, George Washington University, University of the District of Columbia and American University.


Gary E. Matthias, along with the EEISS Team, takes a hands-on approach in training its employees for the GSA (A1), Homeland Security (ICE 9), and MD, DC, VA armed and unarmed certifications. EEISS also conducts the same certification classes to private citizens who want to become part  of the security industry, as well as MD handgun permit classes for private citizens.



  • Concealed Permit (VA, MD)

  • NRA Instructor

  • DC Handgun / Training Instructor

  • MD Handgun / Training Instructor

  • VA Handgun / Training Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Taser

  • OC

  • Baton

  • Handcuffing


Specialized Skills and Training:

  • Land Navigation

  • Weapons Qualification, Instructor

  • Weapons Recognition, Instructor

  • EEO Training

  • Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course Training

  • Primary Leadership Development Course

  • Physical Training

  • Standard Operation Procedures

  • Officer Survival

  • Defensive Driver / Driver Safety Vehicle Maintenance

  • Suicide Precautions

  • Bodyguard / Prisoner Protection

  • Prisoner Control / Verbal Persuasion